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and all these kids on tumblr PRAISING drugs like it’s the coolest thing in the world. You wanna fuck up your life fast kids? Go do drugs, and then why not mix in some alcohol, and maybe some more drugs and then more alcohol. And let’s mix in a car in the picture. I’ll maybe see you in one of my…

It’d be cool if kids could do a job shadow in icu. Nip it in the bud.

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Just realized that I’ve become one of the go-to nurses for difficult IV sticks and NG tubes. That feels good. ☺️

My tips for IV starts is to be confident. When you get blood return, push a smidge more and lower your angle a little bit before you advance the catheter. If they have fragile veins or…


A client is admitted to the emergency department with suspected opiate abuse. The nurse should assess this client for which of the following symptoms?

a) Pinpoint pupils.

b) Calmness.

c) Watery eyes.

d) Mood swings.

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When my Dilaudid-ed out patient falls after I told them not to get up without me and just looks at me like

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in-f-i-n-i-t-e-ly asked: This might sound dumb but I can not for the life of me find the answer on the Internet. Does a person's heart stay the same size all throughout their life? Like, is a baby's heart the same size as an adults? Could a child get a heart transplant from someone way older? Thanks!


Nope, the heart and every other organ except the thymus grows as you get to adulthood. The thymus actually shrinks to almost nothing in most folks. Once you’re “full grown,” your organs generally stay the same size. But the heart is a muscle, and like your biceps, if the demand for the muscle increases, the muscle gets bigger. Except in the heart, it’s not necessarily a good thing because the muscle gets to a point where it’s too thick for it’s own good and then you end up with heart failure. 

A good estimation for a healthy person—child up to an adult— is that the heart is about the size of the person’s fist. 

I haven’t worked in a transplant center, so I’m not totally sure, but I think that donor hearts are not usually older than the recipient. So a child would get another child’s (of similar age and body size and of course blood group compatibility) heart because the heart will grow with the child. 

Watching actors do limp CPR on TV

When my pt. rips out his IV.





Heaven help us if they were on heparin …

this is more when my pt rips out their art line or art/venous sheath. and is on heparin. 

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You have to share this because not only is it amusing, it’s so ridiculously true.

Love it. Good gif work.